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Welcome Hedge Fund Managers!

Tired of running in place, being on-call 24-7, living in a break – fix world! We are a people focused technology company. Our objective is to improve your quality of life. We are in the business of keeping your technology in the most optimum, reliable, and secure state.

We get it!

From being woken from a sound sleep on a holiday weekend to missing an important little league or soccer game to checking and answering emails while you are trying to enjoy a short family vacation. 

Our clients tell us because of our processes and project management they no longer worry about the late-night phone calls, or they’re not concerned about missing deadlines when they do IT upgrades and projects, and they could sleep at night because they know there’s a plan in place to manage and remediate cyber breaches that would cost tons of dollars from lost productivity and employee morale.

With SeaGlass Technology, help is just a phone call away!

Being a Technology Leader for a Hedge Fund sounds great… UNTIL

guy laying down

You are down with the flu and get called to investigate a suspicious event on the network, OR

You spend the entire little league game in the car on a conference call because an upgrade didn’t go as planned.

What you don’t know can hurt you…

With the world becoming a SaaS subscription-driven ecosystem, you have most likely been embracing a flexible and scalable approach to accessing software solutions and services. 

The biproduct of your SaaS applications is, you have created gaps. Bad actors are capitalizing on the areas you don’t have visibility into to compromise your network.

You ask, we deliver

Realtime Visibility & Alerts

  • Be alerted when bad actors attempt to connect from outside approved locations.
  • Inform employees of security policy changes in real time.
  • Block unauthorized devices from being added to your environment. 
  • Set controlled email forwarding rules to prevent bad actors from making phishing attempts to gain control of an environment.

SaaS Discovery

  • Gain visibility into the apps your staff is already using, as 80% of the applications internal teams use are self-deployed.
  • Identify and manage unsanctioned software, ensuring all used apps meet security standards.
  • Understand employee application usage patterns to optimize licensing costs and avoid redundant tools.

Data Encryption & Protection

  • Automatically detect insider threats — regardless if it’s a malicious or negligent action by an employee, data can be compromised. 
  • Stop attackers from gaining access to sensitive data stored in SaaS applications.
  • Audit the cybersecurity infrastructure in use to ensure compliance with organizational standards and to address potential vulnerabilities.

How We’ll Get Your Hedge Fund Back On Track


Let’s do an assessment.

We will discuss the things you are doing well, the areas you need improvement, and the areas you may have some risk.


We’ll create a roadmap.

We will provide a remediation roadmap with a timeline to complete.


We will execute the plan together.

Work with our experienced project managers and technical resources to begin proactively maintaining and secure your technology stack.


Finally… you can go on vacation while we hold down the fort.

Book an unplugged vacation. Seriously, you should disconnect. You deserve it.

Hedge Fund IT Support is Perfect For…

Portfolio Managers

Streamline complex financial modeling processes and secure sensitive investment data.

Trade Specialists

Boost your data-driven investment strategies with reliable and robust system support.

Risk Managers

Strengthen your risk analysis capabilities and fortify your hedge fund’s cybersecurity.

Quantitative Analysts

Improve the efficiency and speed of trade execution with high-speed tech support.